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Macedonian organisations and community groups are calling for a Protest

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Macedonia’s current situation is alarming, traumatic and harmful to ethnic Macedonians both in Macedonia, Australia and throughout the diaspora.

A broad coalition of Macedonian groups and organisation are working towards organizing a protest against the current government in Macedonia

To this end, an overwhelming majority of ethnic Macedonians worldwide are staunchly against:


– the seemingly corrupt political regime in Macedonia
– the unconscionable conduct of “officials” and “politicians”
– the imposed name change of the Republic of Macedonia and the addition of “North”
– the implementation of the so-called “Prespa Agreement”
– the provocative “Friendship Agreement”
– the vexatious and unsubstantiated historical revisionism promulgated by so-called “experts”

All of these issues have led to the degradation of the Macedonian national identity, language, history, culture, traditions, economy and institutions.

These matters are deeply concerning and have given rise to a multitude of human rights issues that impact ethnic Macedonians on a global scale. Macedonians are being “rebranded” and “bastardised”. It is ethnocide on an unprecedented global scale.

On a local level within the diaspora communities, these issues will become more and more evident and real for us in areas such as education, health and services.

Action (whatever that may be) must be taken to express dismay and concerns with the current government of Macedonia and the recklessness in which “officials” are acting in regards to Macedonian national interests.

Coordinated global and localised information campaigns must continue to occur to create awareness of the situation and the impacts on the Macedonian people.

On a global scale, we must be resilient and work collaboratively to mitigate the negativity/disinformation/attacks of those who wish to cause division within the worldwide community of Macedonians.

Macedonians must maintained united positions on key issues of national significance. Communication and coordinated efforts between organisations and individuals are of paramount importance.

A broad coalition of Macedonian organisations

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