Filipce: No restrictions are needed

Infectious Diseases Commission will have meeting on Friday – said the Minister of Health Venko Filipce.

He claims that situation with pandemic in country is under control and there is no need for restrictions.

On the meeting, analyzes for Covid-19 will be reviewed and doctors’ suggestions will be heard.
Filipce said that vaccination for Covid-19 is the only way to win the battle with pandemic. Ministry of health, send letter to family doctors, to call patients for vaccination.

We are in continuous communication with the members of the Commission and in the period when the situation was quite calm. In addition to the exchange of information, the need for a formal meeting was also evaluated. There will be a meeting on Friday according to the new analysis. In terms of measures, we will hear suggestions and insights. I think that preventive measures should be continued and the percentage of vaccination should be increased. “Today we sent a letter to all GPs to call their unvaccinated patients” – said minister for health Venko Filipce.


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