Balkan contries must seize this breakthrough on HPV vaccines

We know HPV vaccines are safe prevention against several types of cancer – will Balkan countries introduce them any time soon?

New scientific research from the UK shows that cervical cancer could be eradicated soon in countries that have introduced the HPV vaccine for both girls and boys.

Australia in 2016 presented the first evidence to the world that HPV vaccines work; from 2007 to now, all its schools participate in the National HPV Vaccination Program, offering voluntary, free immunization. In ten years, HPV rates among young women dramatically dropped to 1 per cent and as a result, Australia could be the first country to eliminate cervical cancer by 2035.

Recent news from Britain assures us that reduction of cervical cancer is most effective with early first vaccination, when the chances of previous exposure to HPV are lowest. But it still remains effective at any time to anyone who could get infected by HP viruses.


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