Verche dies in a tragic  accident last week, but her heart began to beat again and saved another young life .

Macedonian doctors performed historical  heart  and kidney transplant  

The pain is  unbearable in the Belchovski family, after the loss of their youngest daughter and sister Verche. She lost her life in a  hit and run accident on April 7th  on  a pedestrian crossing in Strumica.

According to her brother Martin, the driver fled the scene, and Verche suffered severe injuries that eventually  cost her her life.

She was a very cheerful girl, always smiling and rejoicing in life, says Martin Belchovski from the village of Rusinovo, Berovo, about his sister Verica, who lost her life at only 20 years old, but her heart after last night’s transplant began to beat in another young life .

We lost the youngest in the family.  The driver an 18-year-old boy hit her at a pedestrian crossing on the holy day of  “Blagovec” in Strumica and fled the scene. As far as I know, when they found out that the car in which my sister was hit was found, he later reported himself to the police. It is very difficult to find a job in Berovo, so my mother and father and my sisters moved to Strumica for better life . Our situation is difficult, my father is still unemployed, my mother worked in one supermarket, but  she has been told she has to relocate  to another and we don’t know  do not know what will happen next  says Verche’s brother Martin.

” Sadly Verche failed to win the battle  for her  life,” Martin told MMS through tears.

The operation, which started after midnight, was performed at the Cardiac Surgery Clinic in Skopje Macedonia. The family of the heart recipient  a 22 year old man expressed their condolences to the family of  the girl who died prematurely in a car accident and to have  agreed to have her organs donated to save their son’s life an another three.

The Cardiac surgeons pay respect to the organ donor -Verche at the beginning of the operation

Bazhe from Kavadarci: I got one kidney from my mother, and the other from Verche Belchovska.

The Sapundzievi family from Kavadarci tonight thanked Verche and her familly  for the kidney  donation that saved their 28-year-old son Blaze. Mother Forka said they sympathized with the family of the young girl Verica Belchovska, who died in a car accident, but expressed gratitude for the humane gesture to donate the organs that mean a lot to someone.

Cvetko Strezovski, the father of 22-year-old Ile Strezovski, who underwent a heart transplant last night, thanked the family of the deceased donor Verce Belchovska for extending the life of his son.

“First of all, to express my condolences to the family of Verica and gratitude that they extended the life of their son. He has been suffering from a weak heart since January 6 with 14% work and has been wanted since then as a donor. We talked to our son, he is fine now. “Many thanks to the doctors and the Minister of Health,” Strezovski told the media after the completion of the heart transplant at the Cardiology Clinic, which is the second in Macedonian history.

Photo – Macedonian Media and the Macedonian  ministry of health , free translation from Macedonian to English


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