Dr Ristovski- We are in Australia to tell our Macedonian story that the Prespa Agreement is not a solution but a basis for a conflict

Dr Ljupco Ristovski president and founder of the Macedonian  political party  Integra in aseries of interviews for some of the media outlets in Australia has expressed his opinion that the Prespa agreement will not bring a regional stability, but is a basis for a prolonged regional conflict. As he said he is here in Australia to tell the “Macedonian” side of the story to the Australian politicians and  the unjust treatment of the Macedonians and Macedonia in the third decade of the 21 st century.

Dr Ristovski spoke about the relations that Macedonia has with Australia and that the partnership between the two countries can go even further with economic cooperation especially with Macedonia being geographically  so close to the European market.

The political establishment that is trying to stop us is the same group responsible for our disastrous economic and foreign policies that have bled our country dry.

Dr Ristovski will hold a public forum at Rockdale Ilinden Sports Centre


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