Macedonia defeats Japan in the ARAB BANK AUSTRALIA CUP and wins the tournament

It was Macedonia that won the Arab Bank  cup by defeating Japan in the Grand Final 1-0.
Palestine team won the third place by defeating Cyprus 3-0.The standing for the Seniors is as follows:

1-Macedonia:Gold Medal.
2-Japan:Silver Medal.
3-Palestine:Bronze Medal.

Winner of the Golden Boot senior:
James Temelkovski -Macedonia – 4 Goals.

As for the juniors,Greece won the Cup with 2 wins over Macedonia 1-0 and Syria 3-0.
Macedonia came second by beating Lebanon 2-0 ,Syria 3-1 and losing to Greece 0-1 .While Lebanon won the third place -Bronze Medal by beating Greece 1-0,Syria 2-0 and losing to Macedonia 0-2.

The Juniors standing is as follows:
1-Greece:Gold Medal.
2-Macedonia:Silver Medal.
3-Lebanon:Bronze Medal.

Winner of Golden Boot Junior with 3 goals:
Ali Jaber-Lebanon.


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